Artist Statement

My work tends to focus on nature and people. I am fascinated by the tranquility of woodlands, the charm of the sea, the silence of a foggy day, the spontaneity of an unpredictable sky, and the allure of vast mountains. People in my paintings are connected to nature: they move, they share, and each has a unique story to tell.

None of these are intentional; in my work, I don’t tend to assemble nature; I don’t tend to recreate it either. I simply observe it and express my moods and my moments through my paintings and sculpture.

In that sense, my paintings and sculptures are my languages, the way I thoroughly share my life and my experience with you, and where you can see the transitions and the tale of a lifetime exploration. My works are my moments with each telling you a story about me.

As much as I’d like to share it with you, I want you to explore it in your own way.

Stylistically, my paintings are closest to impressionism, as I have found it the straightest way to express my impression of nature ant its magnificence.